Saturday, August 10, 2019

LM1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

LM1 - Assignment Example This is also evident as the book looks at how the public servants interact with each other in the organization and outside the organization (Denhardt, 2013). â€Å"This book is about human behavior in public and non profit organizations, schools, and healthcare organizations. Its purpose is to provide information and perspective that enhance our understanding of our own behavior and our ability to influence the behavior of others† .pg 1 The goal in this book is to look at factors which affect behavior of workers in any public organization. It also looks at how these factors affect practices in these administrations. This book also tries to examine modern-day approaches to management and leadership. Its goal is also to increase an understanding of the main behavioral principles which base the personal, interpersonal and public leadership skills. It tries to develop an appreciation on the importance of analyzing management issues at the point of an individual’s behavior and how this can influence action and analysis at the organizational level. â€Å"†¦To develop an appreciation of the value of analyzing management problems from the standpoint of individual behavior and how that perspective can augment action and analysis at the organizational level†. pg2 Cognitive knowledge is the mental process of knowing that includes awareness, judgment and perception reasoning (Denhardt, 2013). Cognitive knowledge of basic techniques is the first level of development skill in any area. However, this works well in combination of behavioral skills as people need these skills to enable them accomplish the technical moves. â€Å"The first level of skill development in any discipline involves cognitive knowledge or an intellectual understanding of the basic technical skills that the discipline requires†¦ But cognitive understanding alone is not enough. People also must develop the behavioral

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