Monday, August 12, 2019

LITERATURE REVIEW Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LITERATURE REVIEW - Research Paper Example Equally important, security and monitoring of the movement of narcotics drugs strongly indicate laxity of the responsible agencies because of the increasing accessibility of the drugs to many users and dealers, including minors. In relation to monitoring of narcotics drugs, the agencies responsible for the role should enhance surveillance on all possible channels of accessing and distributing drugs including prescription drugs. Three main concepts and ideas will be explored in the literature review in relation to the problem statement of the research study. The first is investigating pertinent factors that contribute to the increasing abuse of narcotic drugs in the society in addition to the recent policies and regulations aimed at preventing accessibility to narcotic drugs. To collect relevant information pertaining to the concept, authoritative sources from medical, legal, sociological and psychological backgrounds will be used. One of the authoritative sources is a journal by Barrett and Veerman titled â€Å"Children Who Use Drugs: The Need for More Clarity on State Obligations in International Law.† Narcotics drugs are increasingly being accessed through prescription and this is the second concept of investigating the problem statement in the literature review. Patients with chronic ailments are legally permitted to use some of the illegal narcotics drugs under strict medical prescription (Howe, 1957). However, the effects that the drugs impart on the prescribed users are a matter of concern to policy makers because it influences the society’s perception to the drugs. In particular, the outcome of the drugs on the prescribed patients such as dependency or addiction and their overall effectiveness in managing the intended medical condition will be examined. The accessibility of prescribed drugs in stores could encourage members of the society to conspire with pharmaceutical

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