Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cultural Diversity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Cultural Diversity - Research Paper Example Cultural Diversity Racism eats the thread of society and it threatens to destabilize the stability of a society. Cultural diversity is one of the ways to address the need for education regarding prejudice among races. I believe that cultural diversity is one of the ways in which a society can be a success, especially in times where globalization is the trend. True, in our culturally diverse society, acceptance is easier compared to times before. Cultural diversity is here to stay. However, prejudice is hard to shake off. There are times though that even if the people are liberated and sophisticated enough, prejudice still kicks in. It may be a thoughtless remark or something not offending. It may even go unnoticed but then in one way or another, it makes an impact to the person being spoken to. This usually happens in schools where a child’s learning abilities are almost always being classified according to his race and this is probably the biggest racial concern in the commun ity. According to Cohen (1998) â€Å"Members of a society can work together because they tend to share assumptions and have learned to focus on the same limited portion of a reality that would otherwise be too complex to comprehend or even conceive† which basically means that people tend to stick with people with their own cultures because they share the same similarities. Cohen also made it a point to say that the assumptions that the people have are learned, and it is like culture, it is taught by elders and other people around them. This means that an African American can actually fit in a Caucasian setup, if he was brought up with the Caucasian culture. Alexandria, VA has a diverse population. All races are represented and color is a part of life in this place. Growing up, I never really put an importance to race and color because it was so trivial. Seeing people from other races always seemed normal and this did not put any tinge of racial consciousness in me. Although t he Caucasians are often outnumbering the other races (US Census Bureau), it is not very significant as to affect my beliefs in race and color as a child growing up. Since our community is a diverse one, all races and colors are treated the same way. I am an African American. As a kid, my family always made it sure that I never felt different than others. In school, I was never bullied for my race of color. Maybe because there were many kids in there that are my race, or perhaps there are just many kids that are like me: they just do not care about one’s cultural background or race. I believe other people are just like me as well. There were a lot of immigrants in school, or if they are not immigrants, children of immigrants. There are a lot of African Americans in there, that’s probably why I never felt any different from the other children in school. We had almost the same experiences as with Latinos and Asians among Caucasians. Nevertheless, our parents, teachers and other older people made sure that there were no racial divides. They saw to it that each of us were treated in the same way and we were not looked upon by race/color. There are a lot of African Americans in our community. The mayor in Alexandria, VA is actually African American. Also, there are a lot of groups that support us. They look out for news and for events that can promote our distinct culture in the society, they look out for our people and we help each other. They are like me: we have the same color, same hair, same priorities and observations. We understand each other therefore we lookout for each other. The society treats us well, that’

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