Friday, August 9, 2019

DIVERSITY AND CITIZENSHIP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DIVERSITY AND CITIZENSHIP - Essay Example Furthermore, in Isla Vista, peer attitudes determine the level of security and safety, which students obtain in the college campus (Counseling and Student Support Office, â€Å"Bullying at School†). According to my perspective, where aggressive attitudes can generate unsafe environment in school campus, a caring attitude can ensure safety and security for every type of students irrespective of cultural barriers. Besides, I would also prefer to mention that peers can make any bullying intervention program successful. By demonstrating a positive behavior, they can eliminate any violent problem in school campus and therefore support in developing better relationship with every students (Furlong, Felix, Sharkey and Larson 11-15). Hence, from my personal viewpoint, my peers have imposed a strong influence on my sense of safe and security in Isla Vista as well as in the university. A global citizen is one who recognizes himself/herself with being a part of the evolving world. The actions of a global citizen attempt to support to the establishment of global values and practices. Global citizen possess adequate awareness regarding the world and its inhabitants. In order to become a global citizen, one must identify the regional differences and accept various cultures. It is in this context that global citizens understand the interconnectivity of every individual and every place. Furthermore, developing trust and collaborative attitude with different people as representative of various cultures around the world is also regarded as an inherent constituent to help developing a global citizen (Global Kids Connect, â€Å"What is Global Citizenship?†). In preparing myself to become a global citizen, I can take advantage of several activities organized in the university over next several years, such as developing positive relationship with various students representing different cultural groups, resisting against any kind of racism or intolerable behavior, valuing the

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