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Case Study 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case Study 1 - Essay Example The Nissan Motors Co., Ltd, operates in the retail automotive industry. Its core business is the manufacturing, sales and distribution of automotive products and marine related equipment and parts. The company is also involved in provision of financial and other support services in the motor industry. According to the 2012 financial report, the company had an annual sales turnover of  ¥9,409.0 billion (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, 2012: P6). The Nissan Company Ltd has played a significant role in the general Indonesian economy. The company employs approximately 157,365 full-time employees annually in its global market with 10% coming from Indonesia. The company has also contributed significantly to the automotive industry, which accounts for 48% of the national GDP of Indonesian economy (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, 2012: p13). Planning is very important for the lantern success of the company. According to the 2012 financial report, Nissan Company has identified various issues that call for strategic interventions. The company is operating under a mid-term plan termed as â€Å"NISSAN POWER 88† in the financial year 2011 to 2016. Under this plan, the company hopes to improve customer-driving experience, improve the power of the Nissan Brand and ultimately raise the quality of the Nissan car. With this plan, the company hopes to increase its share in the global market and also raise its operating income (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, 2012: p17). In order to achieve this short-term plan, the Nissan Company has identified a number of strategies and tactics identified below: The company has established strategic alliances and partnership with other companies. The most successful alliance has been with Renault Company; this alliance was established in the year 1999. The other key strategic alliance was with Daimler AG Company that was established with the intension of sharing production technology (Interbrand, 2013:

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