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Dubai Ports World (DP World) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Dubai Ports World (DP World) - Assignment Example Like most companies, DP World seeks growth and profitability through strategic initiatives, judicious financial management, and conducting routine internal assessments of its strength and weakness and understanding the industry threats and opportunities. In addition, positioning itself where it can take advantage of new market opportunities and grow is one thing. Coming up with new ways to conduct current operations is another. Modernizing its information technology infrastructure, sustaining a commitment to community projects in which it operates, understanding the political, social, economic and technological factors that influence its business and providing a work environment that DP world supports through training and development will position DP World to take advantage of opportunities to grow and expand into new markets. Core Industry Dubai Ports World (DP World) operates in the international marine terminal business (port operations) providing development and logistics services (DP World, 2010). Specifically, the majority of DP World management is in container handling services as part of an overall strategy of managing container, bulk and terminal cargo. In addition to containers, DP World also operates general cargo, bulk cargo, Ro-Ro vessel (such as car handling), and passenger terminals. DP World also operates P&O Maritime Services, DP World Cargo Services and DP World Intermodal. According to the DP World website, P&O Maritime Services is a ``specialist provider of maritime services to industry and government`` (DP World, 2010). DP World Cargo provides stevedoring (loading and unloading) services. These services include containers, bulk, general cargo, project cargoes, car carriers, reefer vessels and passenger vessel stores and baggage handling. DP World Intermodal operates what it refers to as ``outside th e gate`` (DP World Intermodal, n.d.) services to help clients streamline their supply chains, specifically in the railway services industry. This service is more formally called Container Rail Road Services Private Limited, or CRRS for short (DP World Intermodal, n.d.). Its P&O operations are diverse and include government shipping services, cargo services, port services (including skilled crews, shore support staff and vessel maintenance), offshore specialized marine services to the offshore oil and gas industry, defence, chartering (including ship brokering and chartering for mining and bulk minerals) and agency services (including ship agency, chandlery and manning services) (P&O Maritime, n.d.). Chandlery services cover supplies and equipment. Key Substitute Products / Services According to an OAS overview (Rossignol, 2007, p. 7), companies in this strategic assessment include (with number of ports in operation, millions of TEU throughput): 1. HPH - Hutchinson Port Holdings (45, 33.2). 2. PSA – Singapore Port Authority (25, 32.4). 3. APMT - APM Terminals (40, 24.1). 4. P&O Ports (acquired by DP World). 5. DP World (42, 35.2 – when combined with P&O Ports). 6. Evergreen Marine Corp (240, 11.5). 7. Eurogate (10, 11.4). 8. COSC - China Ocean Shipping Company (34, 8.1). 9. SSA Marine (150, 6.7). 10. MSH - Mediterranean Shipping Company (215, 5.7). Global growth is a key vision for DP World and this variable could be used as one of the key strategic measures. Growth can be measured in terms of TEU units. TEU is short for twenty-foot equivalent units as this is the majority of the industry

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