Saturday, August 10, 2019

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Activities --Savannah, GA Essay

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Activities --Savannah, GA - Essay Example The organization is undoubtedly one of the best charitable organizations in the area. The chapter is highly effective considering most of the activities the organization offers here. Its impact is widely felt through the contribution it has made to the children of this area. Firstly, volunteers are deployed through a highly rigorous process. This is done by thoroughly screening everyone coming in to offer services. This is done through interviews as well as background investigations. This way the organization is able to provide top-notch level of services to the children. In addition, most of the reports from the officials indicate that there is a notable positive effect among youth (Stone, 2009). Looking at the programs offered by the organization, I would more likely classify them as prevention measures than diversion. This is so because, the services provided by the volunteers are focused in making the young people gain good values that are generally acceptable in the society. The y are keen in coaching the youth on how to keep away from harmful behavior such as using illegal drugs and criminal activities. Although there are other programs that aims at helping this generation of kids become more diverse as far as their careers is concerned, the main goal is to bring up children of high morals (Jano, 2008). Another reported outcome of the program is bringing up self-confident young people who can easily mingle with other people. BBBS Chapter Programs / Competition The local chapter offers a variety of programs that have become so successful in achieving positive results. The mentoring programs are set up based on the needs of the children. The mentors in different programs come from all walks of life and the organization matches these experts with the requirements of the young people seeking guidance. One of the most common programs is the academic mentoring. Here, an experienced college professor participates in mentoring a student through a particular projec t. Secondly, there is the career mentoring that aims at guiding youth through career choices and along the path of career chosen. Lastly, there is the personal development mentoring that provides counseling to young people when they are experiencing personal crisis (To’angutu, 2005). This also helps children with less privileged lives. The activities of the programs mostly leave other social service organization with less to offer, due to their wide support in terms of funds and staff, the BBBS has the competitive edge. The organization has reduced expenses since they do not incur staff expenses; they also have so many experts at their disposal who mostly volunteer their services to the program (Stone, 2009). The other organizations should try to specialize with offering social services that are not covered by BBBS. This will decrease the level of competitions that would otherwise arise from offering the same services as BBBS. BBBS versus Juvenile Justice System BBBS goals di ffer from those of the juvenile justice system. The latter is determined in rehabilitation of children accused of committing criminal offences. This is very different from the goals and the role of BBBS, which is guidance and counseling. The juvenile justice system only focuses with helping the children who are on the wrong whilst the BBBS focus on every child. Another difference is that the Juvenile justice system has the interest of the community at large where they aim at

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