Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How does DNA relate to you Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

How does DNA relate to you - Essay Example s is because, the telomeres; as a result of preventing fraying, they also prevent aging and the development of malignant tumors that threaten appropriate health (The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post, 2008). Moreover, through participating in exercise, the telomeres experience extended life by making them appear younger and thus staying in place. This leaves an individual healthy showing the direct relationship between an individual and the DNA in them. In addition, DNA is unique in everyone, which, in turn, makes every person unlike the other who follows mutation during replications. These mutations occur during terms of misprints and entire changes in replicated DNA. Therefore, this information indicates that only DNA of identical twins is similar (Port, 2008). In terms of survival, for one to live in adverse conditions, genes contained in the DNA effect changes (Designed DNA, 2012). These changes lead to evolutions and adaptations that allow an individual to cope in adverse conditions. In addition, changes could be physical in the form of shape of the teeth or hair color and even the behavior of an individual so as to escape danger (San Diego University of Man, 2001). In conclusion, the relation between an individual and DNA cannot be refuted as it is the DNA that accounts for the unique characteristics they possess. The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post. (January 29, 2008). Exercise linked to â€Å"Younger† DNA. The Seattle Times. Retrieved on 2nd July from

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