Saturday, October 5, 2019

Technical writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Technical writing - Essay Example cking are still being looked into, the various department heads of the company have decided to restrict the use of the email address to only official business until further notice. Our IT staff will also closely monitor the use of the email system and call the attention of those who violate the new policy. Continued violation of the new email policy will result in employee dismissal. Due to the delicate nature of our POS business, our company has decided to implement a Unique Employee Password Generation system on a monthly basis to replace our old individiualized password system that was based upon personal choice. This change is being undertaken by our IT department in cooperation with our Human Resources Department over the next month. You may access your Unique Employee Password by undertaking the following steps: Should you have any problems accessing your POS rights after the assignment of the new password, please do not hesitate to call the attention of Lisa Loeb at She is our point person during the implementation of this new project and she will always be on call to help you sort out any problems you might have as we slowly roll out this new password system. As a valued member of Eco Hotel and Spas Nature Lovers Club, it is my honor and privilege to present you with this free voucher for a weekend stay at our newest and most environmentally friendly hotel, the Azure Beach Resort. Our newest waterfront hotel this side of Beverly Hills. Located in on the north side of Beverly Hills, the beach boasts of the finest white sand this side of California, the bluest water to rival the color of our skies, and the pristine and almost untouched by human hands natural beauty of the forest adjacent to the hotel and beach. This members only beach resort shall have its soft opening on June 15, 2013 with only a handful of carefully selected Nature Lovers Club members gracing the occassion. I am more than pleased to have this opportunity to

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