Thursday, October 17, 2019

How International Business Can Effectively Compete in the Global Research Paper

How International Business Can Effectively Compete in the Global Market - Research Paper Example International logistics involves proper targeting and tiering. In the process, instead of applying a standardized supply chain services, the supply chain is marched with the requirement of each segment. Theories have found out that supply chain does not bring any competition to companies (Harrison and Hoek, 2005). International competition requires targeting and tiering as this will improve the supply chain, versatility and also improves the profit of the company making it great. There is also set by the managers to look keenly on human factors of international supply chain (Harrison and Hoek, 2008). Factors for competition in the market such as government instability, strikes by workers, holidays, unfavorable weather conditions and other unpredictable factors are only worsened when there are done in an international setting. Effective logistic function in an international marketplace is also done through evolving role and individual plants. In the current study the three main components that lead to success in the international setting are human resources, the processes used by the managers and the technology that is applied in the processes. Management of the relationship that a company has with the others also helps in effective competition in a marketplace (Pienaar and Vogt, 2012). The relationship will improve agreements on labor, environment implications and community development. Managers who are logistically skilled do not only consider packaging in their company but also focus on needs of the community for effective competition. Reconfiguration of process internationally supports the growth in the goals in a global marketplace. It involves the reconfiguration of technology that is used in the processes of the company. Critical and creative skills are needed in solving challenges that occur in international marketplace (Pienaar

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