Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Intelligence Requirements - Graded Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intelligence Requirements - Graded - Essay Example However, the more indicators that link to PIR, the more branches will therefore exist between the PIRs and SIRs. This even will lead to PIR as something that is difficult to answer.3 However, even if there is a certain degree of difficulty in it, the presence of the indicators is an essential point that will lead to a justifiable outcome of providing answers for PIRs. Indicators should be predictive.4 If they are predictive, indicators are guaranteed to be of a high quality. Staffs should therefore evaluate if the chosen indicators are predictive enough which will qualify them to provide the opportunity to provide the remarkable answers for certain PIRs. Thus, prior to using their radars and other intelligence tools, the intelligence soldiers will have to engage into the identification of the appropriate indicators that will lead them to potential answers and as prior to the appropriate moves that they will have to take.5 The answer is evident from the fact that indicators must necessarily be predictive.6 The quality of a good indicator is that it is something measurable, and there is no relevant drawback to it.7 It must be something that is substantial or enough to provide evidences that will lead to the appropriate answer prior to doing the most crucial strategy as the next course of action. In other words, this argument simply illustrates the point that it will be impractical to rely on a substandard indicators, because in the end it will also result to substandard SIRs too. As a result, the PIRs will result a substandard answers. The accuracy and efficiency of the action plan will be compromised, leading to the failure operation and possible earning of substantial cost or damage along the way.8 It is therefore important to maintain a high level of practicality for any chosen indicators, because these are essential evidences to always lead to possible courses of

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