Friday, October 18, 2019

Causal Analysis of Will Dropouts Save America Research Paper

Causal Analysis of Will Dropouts Save America - Research Paper Example † However, while Ellsberg commits to this type of sentiments of the present and expresses sold-out support for the seemingly majestic concretized idea in start-up entrepreneurship comprised mainly of prominent college dropouts, does it ever occur to him to ponder on how the world would look with money-driven human beings who act, talk, treat, and think like some crazy engine for dough all the time? For one, having thought ahead of the possible scenarios with that and what I would most likely feel about each of them, I am rather afraid of acquiring much trouble in coping with that kind of future Ellsberg insists in his sphere of change and investments. Perhaps we need not be upset with the way he perceives how economic conflicts, particularly the issues on unemployment, ought to be taken care of in the light of modifying an aspect of educational system so as to snap out rigidity in the curriculum. Maybe it is through this curricular flexibility that we can opt to find hope and r ealize that exploring beyond the conventional academic realms enables studying individuals to learn the remarkable key to economic potentials and thereby succeed with the targeted growth in professional goals. This is all fine and to some extent, relieving to know, but just because we are in dire necessity of rectifying certain directions with the traditional approach does not have to mean we must abolish proper education altogether and become entrepreneurs whether or not we are inclined to be. What Ellsberg’s paradigm appears to lack in understanding is that in truth, people by nature are free wanderers seeking true knowledge despite socio-political weather and economic conditions. Regardless of age and period, history has made us observe how indispensable an asset critical thinking is for the well-being of mankind as citizenry and as an entire nation. There can be no critical or creative thinking without valuable learning and there can be no valuable learning without an ins titution that serves a systematic way of educating people especially the youth. We must not forget that our capacity to think with the utmost sensibility is generated by our unconscious embrace of discipline and teachings in school. No matter how much we admit on not having a choice but to deal with academic tasks that take up considerable time and energy from us, at some point later, wherever we are or howsoever we come to be, a spur of wisdom pops to us and renders us capable of drawing inexplicable insights. It may be a little difficult to justify such statement without actual encounter yet certainly, a natural wonder of sound intellect is not something that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Paul Allen could afford to impart to an individual who is after a deeper sense of fulfillment in life. Definitely, I would never want myself nor my children and even my children’s grandchildren to miss on the fundamentals of sciences, mathematics, history, and classic literature to delight wi th for subjects like these are priceless and can only be delivered with heart by a faculty that believes and discerns the principles of good education more than those of material wealth. Attempts to resolve joblessness and associated educational demands should be held in great regard but never at the expense of one’s scholastic foundation which is highly essential in living, that there is no probable way it could

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