Friday, October 4, 2019

Individual Market Factors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Individual Market Factors - Essay Example 100% of International Distillers Uganda, 51% Serengeti Breweries Ltd, 100% of East African malting, 46% United Distillers & Vintners-Kenya, among others. The company is leading in alcohol beverages ranging from spirits, beer, and Adult Non Alcoholic Drinks (ANADS). EABL’S market demand is both locally and internationally. In Kenya, its market demand is approximate to be about 85% of the entire alcohol market (Kilasi et al, 2013). In Tanzania, its market demand is on the rise. However, because of economic slowdown in Uganda its market share is reducing gradually. The company however aims at increasing its market demand by expanding its business to countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan, and Eastern DRC. The company’s increased demand for its products is because of its continued integration of customer needs into the company’s production processes. For instance, the company actively carries out market research to understand the needs of consumers hence resulting to increased demand because consumers’ needs are factored into the production process. External and internal environmental elements affect the company’s operations (Megal and Word, 2009). External elements include competition, legislation and regulation, social cultural factors, technology among others. Government regulation on certain forms of the advertisement adversely affects the company. Alcoholic lobbyists, competition from other companies such as Keroche Industries’ influence the company’s trade. Either taxation is also a major environmental element that negatively influences the returns of EABL. However, it is worth noting that the company has made special arrangements with host countries to ensure that the issue of taxation is resolved. EABL faces stiff competition both locally and internationally. Some of the major competitors include Heineken, Kenya Wines Agencies among others. The company has responded to increased competition by increasing its brands,

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