Friday, October 18, 2019

Critically assess the impact of either the US, Israel or Iran on the Essay

Critically assess the impact of either the US, Israel or Iran on the regional politics of the Middle East - Essay Example The leaders of both countries have been successful in pursuing common goals on security through the development of closer relations which are based on shared religious affinities and democratic values (Migdalovitz 2006). Israel is the major recipient of U.S. aid and it purchases most of its weapon systems from America and in so doing Israel has been able to maintain a qualitative military edge in the Middle East. Israel is facing serious security threats from the Arab Spring presented by instabilities in Lebanon, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Syria and Jordan as these political movements are planning attacks on Israel. This move has made the relationship between Israel and U.S. to worsen given that Israel perceive that United States is not concerned about its welfare but just to attain its goal. However, it is the contribution of the US that has discouraged the outbreak of major Israel-Arab interstate conflict for over 40 years (Huband 2006). The U.S.-Israel relationship The relati onship between U.S. and Israel is not based on friendship but rather on different interests of the two countries in the Middle East. ... allistic missiles as well as bring to an end the Islamist inspired terrorism such as Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and other Islamists and Jihadists groups. Given that the region has not experienced peace for a long time, the relationship is geared at enhancing a form of stability through promotion of pro-Western regimes like Jordan’s. In achieving this, the relationship will manage to restore peace and normalization between the Arab community and Israel since Israel has been in conflict with Palestine government for a considerable long time. The challenge facing the relationship is that they respond and prioritize to these challenges differently. The difference in strategies and policies preferred by the two countries has increasingly cause tension on the relationship as they are seen to undermine the interest of the other nation. For instance, Israel view American policy to be naivete in the Middle Eastern diplomacy as it brings more consequences to Israel. On the other hand, t he US considers Israel to be insufficiently attentive to its interests since most of its actions have been detrimental. The two states are different in some ways, as the US is a superpower whereas Israel is a regional power and this presents them with different concerns (Malka 2011). In respect to this, the two sides should be ready to accommodate each other regardless as in so doing; resentments and misunderstandings that have continually mounted the relationship will be dealt with. Honesty, openness and lesser partisan polemics will enhance sustenance of this relationship. The US-Israel relationship faces differences in the Arab Spring goal. After the revolutions took place in the Arab world that transforms the politics in middle east, the two countries found themselves supporting different

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