Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The EU has exerted a greater impact on its member States than they Essay

The EU has exerted a greater impact on its member States than they have on the EU; Discuss - Essay Example European Union was originally formed for seeking targeted economic interdependence after the Second World War  to make new military conflicts in the future impossible. An adjoining objective for formation of the Union was to accelerate economic growth.  Over the decades, several European countries have joined in several rounds of enlargement of the union to further the cause of the Union (Krumm and Herz, 1997). Impacts of European Union have been significant on member countries. Member states of European Union have converged to the use of a common currency, the  euro. The union is attributed with furthering the presence in European  region of freedom, security and justice. The EU Member states work together in the interior and justice policy due to the common foreign and security policy, and they also seek a common occurrence in relation to third countries.  It is asserted that the EU has exerted a greater impact on its member States than they have on the EU (Gutià ©rrez a nd Urbano, 1996). The paper evaluates this assertion by comparing and contrast the impact of European Union on the member states in comparison to the one exerted by member states on the Union. The impact of European Union has been attributed with a number of key impacts on the European Union. Meuwese (2008) mentions that member countries owe much to the unification of Europe initiated by European Union. Enemy countries have become friends, and the common market provides millions of jobs to the citizens of these countries.  The enthusiasm for this new unification process has grows from one generation to another. Trade and commerce has grown among member countries. For instance, nearly two-thirds of German exports now go to EU partner countries and so are millions of jobs in Germany.  European Union has impacted member countries by improving educational systems too. One such example is that EU’s Erasmus

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