Saturday, September 7, 2019

Marketing Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Marketing Management - Assignment Example Coca cola should consider and integrate diverse aspects of demographic environment including changing mixes of age, ethnicity, and variations in educational levels (Martin and John 860). Coca Cola’s marketing in 2014 requires economic analysis exploring international recession and inflation rates. The contemporary purchasing power of Coca cola consumers depends on the current earnings, costs, savings, debt, and consumer spending patterns. Coca cola marketers must take keen note of the shortages in raw materials, increased energy costs and pollution levels (Martin and John 863). Pollution levels of the non-biodegradable coca cola bottles and lids may lead to production and sales limiting by the various states and governments hence the marketers must keenly take note about it. The advancement in technology in 2014 directly affects the sales and marketing of Coca-cola. The internet and other forms of broadcasting media agencies make advertisements easier thereby increasing sales. Marketers of Coca-cola must comply and work within the stipulated laws and regulations regarding business within every country of operation. The various global governments have laws protecting coca cola and other companies from unfair competitions in the market. Individuals in various societies have varying views regarding the Coca-cola drink. The marketers must incorporate the community and individual views regarding the drink in order to be successful in the

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