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How can we combine Homeric texts and archeology to learn more about Essay

How can we combine Homeric texts and archeology to learn more about elite behaviour in Greek Society What are the difficulties - Essay Example What they help archaeologies in achieving are the clues of the things they need to study. They provide a road map on what to explore and the direction to take in the study of these ancient remains. Among the clues that have been provided before are the study and the investigation of the ancient Greek world in the tradition of Schieman digging at Troy with the hand of Iliad. To enhance the understanding of the past human activities, archeologists often utilize classical texts in conjunction with archeology to understand past way of the Greek world. The study of the past is also instrumental as it helps archeologist in understanding the contemporary way of life in relation to the origin of human activities. This paper focuses on how classical text in conjunction with archeology helps in the understanding of the ancient and the elite behavior of the Greek society as well as the probable problems that are likely to be faced in the study of past and present human activities. ... He wanted that that entire he does to come out to be beautiful (Kardaras 2011). The narrative rivets this thought by explaining how Walt was dying for excellence. He always wanted the best products and always did awesome jobs. Through the narrative, it is also beautiful to learn that Walt’s craziness and obsession with aretes, excellence pushes him into the production of the purest meth (Ross, & Hook, 2006). During the moments of war, archeologists through the script and text analysis discovers that during the moment of greatness and war, Homeric heroes displayed the strength and the might of aretes during the war. In search of recognition and honor, Walt took his good time in the meth lab to come up with exceptional and the most refined weapons. The second value held by the Homeric that inspires Walt is Kleos: that is, the urge to personal glory and might. In other words, the Greeks wanted to be known for something. In this case the subject wanted to be known for arete. Throu ghout the story, it is evident that the major motive that drives one to work is the desire to achieve something significant. The Greek education and culture have been dominated by the pursuit of excellence and the urge to greatness: personal glory. The Homer’s and Illiad are paeans and pursuant of arete. These very urges and desires still dominate the contemporary Greek way of life. A noble and apos aretes in Homer, is indicated by the acuity of his prowess in war and the excellence of his weapon manufacturing. In athletics, he is seen as a person who is peaceful and admirable (Sissa, & Detienne 2000). Both of these occasions, war time and moments of peace are all of immense value in show casing the

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