Thursday, June 13, 2019

Reading Responses 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Responses 3 - Essay ExampleAs the study proceeds, Leo reads chafes personal letters which greatly angers harry and he threatens to kill his father. Harry goes to the beach and does not intend to return back home even when his father pleads to him. The story ends when his father runs after his hat and Harry stands motionlessly with his feet in the water. The readers are able to understand the position of both father and son as both of them take turns in narrating the story. The School The story is set in a classroom which has witnessed a lot of deaths in the course of the year. Plants, pets, and even children from the classroom had died and the story shows the dialogue between the students and their instructor. The language employ in the story is very simple and conversational which readily grasps the readers interest and attention. The narrator of the story is the teacher, through whose conversation the readers come to know about the deaths cerebrate to that classroom. By the end of the story, the teacher is asked different questions regarding the reality of death and life which he is unable to answer properly. I believe that the story is more than fair a narration. It tells about the cycle of life and the bitter reality that everything that dies is replaced and the cycle continues.

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