Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Pharmacy school personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pharmacy school - Personal Statement ExampleNot lone(prenominal) that, I suffered from ill health upon my return for quite a while. Both these factors took their toll on my studies I did not do as well in my classes as I would have otherwise done.However, throughout all this, I held on to my interest in pharmacy I got a part-time subscriber line as a pharmacy assistant in my neighborhood pharmacy. This enabled me to interact with pharmacists who taught me a gage by relating their experiences to me, thus causing me to learn a lot about not just the field of pharmacy, but also how to go about studying in pharmacy classes. Moreover, they helped me develop the work ethic prerequisite for success in pharmacy. Their mentoring did not end there they took me to pharmacy association meetings where I was introduced to other pharmacists by them, which helped me in not only building my interpersonal and communicational skills but also in enlarging my network.My zeal for pharmacy is something that I value some(prenominal) personally and professionally, and I want to pursue and get leading in this field, therefore, I would be grateful if I am given the opportunity of attending (enter the course here) at your institute. It would be remiss not to amplify that my love for this field would enable me to serve the community as well, which I would do with the work ethic and professionalism that I have learned through my experiences, both at home with my grandmother, and at work in my neighborhood

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