Sunday, June 16, 2019

Layers of Physical Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Layers of Physical Security - Essay ExampleThe traditional security system is continuously being improved by technology and civilization. Further, the rise of new threats, for example, the risk of fear assaults and terrorism, raises the issue of upgrading existing frameworks of physical security. In the meantime, viable physical security ought to be in view of central standards which minimize the risk of dangers to physical security (Modi, Patel, Borisaniya, Patel, & Rajarajan, 2012). Since the traditional means of securing territories no longer hold, there must be an feeler in the forms of security with the utilization of technology. Since physical security takes various layers, the advancement of cutting-edge physical security ought to incorporate these layers which entail building security, grounds security, access code control frameworks, and border security (Newman, 2001).The present-day physical security is inconceivable without the wide usage of technological advancements, which has been found to increase significantly the dependability of ripe security frameworks and minimize threats to the physical security framework. Then again, innovations frequently confront new dangers that fortify the more extensive implementation of new technologies, but the indigenous point in the advancement of a powerful physical security framework is the improvement of numerous layers of physical security (Modi et al., 2012).

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