Thursday, May 30, 2019

How Miller Presents Joe Keller as a Tragic Hero in All My Sons Essay

How Miller Presents Joe Keller as a Tragic Hero in All My SonsJoe Keller is a man who loves and values his family very much. Like roughly Ameri stacks he has given everything so he can have the big house,the fancy car and the bulging wallet. He has given everything so hecan have the American dreaming. Unfortunately for Keller, everythingisnt as perfect as it seems.All My Sons is a very tragic play. It shows how a man can sacrificeeverything including the reinforce of his name to make his familyprosperous. This struggle for wealth and material goods involvesKeller doing an awful crime because he wants his family to be wealthy.This is the cause of Kellers downfall.In All My Sons Miller examines the morality of a man who places hisnarrow responsibility to his immediate family above his widerresponsibility to the men who rely on the integrity of his work. AllMy Sons shows Keller placing his family in front of society.At the finale of All My Sons Keller disappears offstage and shootshi mself. This is a very tragic thing to happen because all Kellerwanted was a happy family. When Chris finds out that Keller, hisfather, had allowed faulty cylinder heads to be sent out of hisfactory, Keller proves to the audience that he wanted good to comefrom it by saying what the hell did I work for? Thats only for you,Chris, the whole shootin mark off is for you on page 102 and For you,a business for you on page 158. This tells the audience that Kellerwas a very hard worker and that all the hard work he did was for hisfamily. After hearing this Keller doesnt sound like a murderer or akiller at all. He sounds like a very amiable and devoted father andhusband who may have done something wrong but ... ...admires him for being able to wriggle hisway out of a prison house sentence. They admire him for how clever he was tolie and pin the blame on someone else. I estimate this is a very corruptsociety and I think that is what Miller was trying to portray to theaudience in All My Sons . Miller wanted to get across to theaudiences his views on American society.I think Miller writes about another broader tragedy in the playbesides Kellers tragedy. This tragedy is the society we live in todayand how nobody looks out for separately other. It is all about the survivalof the fittest nowadays. This is what Chris tries to stand up againstthroughout the play.Kellers tragedy in All My Sons is that he works so hard for theAmerican Dream and at the end of the play he shoots himself. By doingthis he is giving up everything he has worked so hard for over hislife.

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