Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Intro to Rel Dbase Mgts Syst Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intro to Rel Dbase Mgts Syst - Assignment Example De-normalization process is applied for the creation of data warehouse or sometimes used for revival of the dying online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, which shows the dreadful performance. De-normalization process applied to those tables, which results during the normalization. De-normalization does not alter the basic form or structure of the schema, but adjusts the basic structure or database design. Response 2: Business rules are enforced by applying the triggers or stored procedures. Business rules are used for handling the referential integrity. Using stored procedures for achieving the referential integrity does not involve the application development outside of data. Response 1: Queries like select, create, update, delete, and alter are used to perform the various business functions from a relational database management system. These queries can be used to access the column or rows of relations. Response 2: Under specification of data translation is another issue. Data from multiple tables becomes an issue because no simple way is there to validate the cross references from different files. It becomes the integrity issue of cross-referencing. Response 1: Initial deficiencies of information flow assessed during the Database Initial Study phase causes the modification of the existing system. This modification is also derived from the increased size of the organization. Increased number of wants and needs of the system also modify the initial study phase of database life cycle. Response 2: If the current system fails to meet the required functionality then system designer examines the ways the existing system failed. Lot of time is spent in talking with end-users of the database (Rob, Coronel and Crocket

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