Sunday, July 28, 2019

Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Stress - Essay Example The board ruled that the human resource and technical departments would be restructured to accommodate new employees from acquired firms as well as fresh recruits who were required to support expansion. Some employees were laid off on the basis of qualifications and suitability to the new agenda, and the board was also recomposed to accommodate high-ranking members of acquired organizations. During this period, a majority of employees were faced with uncertainty regarding the security of their jobs and constantly sought reassurances from their supervisors. Having realized that a new organizational blueprint required new approaches, the board adopted various leadership strategies to support the change. First, all employees were given prompt notifications of impending changes and advised on how to conduct themselves in the face of restructuring. Through managers, the board ensured that all employees understood the implications of the new changes. In addition, a transformational leadership style was used to manage staff by keeping them motivated in spite of feelings of job insecurity. The changes took almost a year to implement, mainly because the acquisitions were numerous and also involved complex regulatory and commercial factors. The positive results of this change were greater market share for the company, more international recognition, an increase in shareholder value, an expanded human resource and technical capacity, and greater access to financing. The negative results were negative connotations created by the laying off of workers, increased bureaucratic challenges inspired by a bigger organizational profile, and more regulatory challenges and scrutiny necessitated by the numerous acquisitions carried out within a short period. Having found it difficult to adapt to new workplace dynamics and faced with the uncertainty of the changes taking place, I started behaving

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